Being a giver


Weeks ago I was asked to share my “Why” at our multi-region Arbonne monthly meeting. I started my Arbonne journey last year, you might recall. Love for the products led me to starting my own business with the 35-year-old Swiss-based skincare & nutrition company. (It’s like a “business in a box,” as one of my friends has said. You don’t have to stock up on inventory or pay rent for a brick and mortar store. Becoming an independent consultant costs less than $100 and you can start making money immediately with tools and distribution at your fingertips.) I’ve heard many leaders in the business say your Why continually changes as you change and grow, both personally and professionally. I full understand that now.

As I was thinking about what I wanted to share at the meeting, I realized my Why has changed. As I shared recently, my mom underwent surgery to attack the cancer she found out she had a few months ago. I recently celebrated a birthday, and I’m not usually one to get caught up on age, but this birthday hit me. Twenty years ago if you asked me where I’d be right now in my life, I think it would look a lot differently. I wouldn’t have been divorced by the time I was 30, and I wouldn’t be living in Arkansas (mostly because I didn’t live here at the time and it wasn’t on my radar). Basically, I thought I’d be headed down a more traditional path. My journey has led me elsewhere and I think about what I want and how I can be the best version of me now more than ever.

My family has given so much to me. Sometimes I feel guilty for how much they have helped me through the years. I’m tired of being the receiver. I want to be the giver and be a better person for my loved ones. I’ve been focused on personal growth for a while now, and I know I have a lot more to do. Just like learning, I think you can never stop evaluating and recognizing things in your life, triggers that evoke certain responses and everyday behaviors. How else can you know yourself, love yourself, and in turn, love others and allow them to love you?

I started writing this post the day after sharing my “Why” and hadn’t come back to finish it until recently when I stumbled upon this image.


As hard as that is to hear sometimes, it’s so true. No matter what has happened to you, how someone has wronged you or hurt you, you have to take personal responsibility in the matter. Falling into the victim trap can be so easy. It’s so easy to point the finger and blame others for loss and struggle in relationships, financial situations or whatever the case may be.

Every day, I try to remind myself I am not a victim. I take personal responsibility for where I am on my journey and for the situations, the things and the people in my life. I’m hopeful this truth will help me be a better giver as I work to serve others.

Vibrant life

This is for my mom as she’s undergoing surgery right now to remove cancer that, thankfully, was caught very early.


Daily Word • Friday, Oct. 9, 2015

“Vibrant – I am a vibrant expression of God.

My senses rejoice in the vivid colors of nature; in the warmth of the sun and the brisk breeze of dawn; in the scent of the ocean and the aroma of dinner; in the silence of darkness and the laughter of friends.

As I gently breathe in to these expressions of life, I am one with all of God’s magnificence. The teeming ocean and the brilliant sun thrill me. The wind on the mountaintops clears away any thoughts of limitation or separation lingering in my mind. I am alive with the energy of the Divine flowing in and through me.

In this Oneness, anything is possible. The power of God heals all my earthly wounds and reveals the way to begin anew. I am an unlimited, vibrant being, keenly aware of Spirit expressing as me.

I can do all things through him who strengthens me.—Philippians 4:13″
My mom sure is a vibrant expression in this life. Just last night, she was supposed to be letting us take care of HER, but she was hustling in the kitchen to make her delicious chicken and dumplings for US to have during HER recovery time. That’s just how she rolls. Probably has something to do with the fact that she loves her cooking the best, too :)
In the waiting room now and know that no matter what, she’ll continue being her vibrant, lively self. We may have to fill her Kindle with new historical fiction that she loves to keep her down and resting, but so be it.

Riding the journey

Well, hello, blog. It’s been way too long, but I need you. And I need to remember how I much I need you. This summer has given me many opportunities of merriment and laughter but also much change and reminders how precious our human lives are.

I’ve had the fortune to travel to new places and see family at the same time, while also enjoying music I love and familiar faces I’ve come to know through the years. At home, other issues have weighed on me – health and otherwise. The good news is the people directly affected are positive and not the worrying types, so that helps soothe this sometimes (OK, often) worry-wart.

When I moved out of my grandparents’ home in February so the family could have an estate sale and finally sell the property (nearly two years after my grandmother’s passing and 10 years after my grandfather’s), I didn’t think losing that family place would affect me in such a way. But when I learned that the new owners had torn down the house, my heart sank. This was my childhood haven, the place Pa-Pa played “Hotel for the Rich and Famous” with me, the place my brother and I chased each other around and around, causing the silver tea set to rattle and my grandmother to chase us around with that pink acrylic brush, the place Jean-Jean made me the best BLT’s ever prepared, the place we marveled at Pa-Pa’s themed Christmas trees year after year and the place I learned how to fold my napkin and which fork to use for my salad. “If these walls could talk,” we’d often say on many a night gathered in the TV room – the room that still had its collection of decor through the decades when we cleaned out the attic. Ah, what a sweet little place “2614” was.

That’s just it. It “was.” Now it’s time for a new family to make memories on that deep-set property. Maybe I’ll like it better in the long that they tore down the familiar structure – poetically preserving our family’s memories in the ground with it. And thankfully, I have many pictures, forever capturing those moments in time.

September tends to bring out the reflective nature in me. As summer transitions to fall, I always feel a rebirth occurring around me. People are winding down from their vacationing summers and reuniting over cozy nights by the fire and football festivities. This month being my birthday month has something to do with it, too, I’m sure. It’s a chance for me to start a new year, reflecting on what got me here and where I’ll go next.

Things aren’t perfect, but nothing is, right? Part of the beauty on our individual journeys – “beauty is truth, truth beauty …” I have estranged relationships, things I wish I knew how to change – personally and around the world – and places I’d often rather be. But I’m growing every day as an entrepreneur, finding my niche and molding lasting relationships that support and lift me up to where I need and want to be. I’m grateful. And I have a shiny new road bike to break in. Better get to riding on my ever-changing journey.11903802_10153477862829435_4168343110623377182_n

Vision it

I finally got around to making a vision board! I started it with some friends earlier in the week and completed it today. I simply went with my gut (after all, much of our serotonin – the hormone that makes us happy – resides in our gut. The gut is a good thing to listen to) and cut out images and words that spoke to me.



Travel. Freedom. Opportunity. Harmony. Love. Water. Mountains. Meadows. Light. Living. Doing. Being. Pretty cool how our intuition reveals itself.

Opening doors of opportunity through network marketing

“Be an opener of doors … ” – Ralph Waldo Emerson


One of the many beauties of a business I’m fully embracing is learning from others who are doing the same thing. The support and sharing opportunities top the list of things I love about network marketing. Yes, I said network marketing – a smart, equal-opportunity business model but the model that’s still taboo in many circles.

Go read Go Pro by Eric Worre to learn more about the industry and especially if you’re a network marketing professional and have yet to read this enlightening book.

One of my sideline partners in Arbonne shared this post the other day. I love how she addresses some of the common misconceptions of network marketing. Thank you for letting me share, Molly!

“Network Marketing

When I was approached with joining Arbonne as a consultant I said NO! Why?
1. The pressure: asking people to buy a product from me made me uncomfortable. It’s one thing to recommend but another to promote and then get paid (I thought people would see me as desperate).
2. Small Network: I only had about 2 people interested in the clean eating Bootcamp. Sure I could sign them up, but then what?
3. It’s a pyramid structure: only the people above you benefit from your efforts right?
4. The market is saturated: if there were 150 people in the last challenge then everyone interested has already joined. Also, my sponsor knows a lot of the same people I know and is already working with them. Whose left for me to help?

These were my reasons for not wanting to do any network marketing company.

What changed my perception:
1. EVERYONE can be healthier (kinda like insurance, you just have to have it! If you don’t you’re going to get in some deep financial issues if you haven’t prepared yourself and your body!
2. It’s not about selling a product. It’s about introducing people to a different way of living!
3. Who benefits from my efforts: MY CLIENTS first and foremost! This is about them. Arbonne then pays me for helping them. Honestly, financial planning, insurance, any form of consulting works the same way structurally.
4. WHY Arbonne: the company has been providing safe, pure, beneficial products for 35 years. They’ve never changed their mission (commitment), great compensation plan and bonuses,
$79 to start, no additional investment required. Your sponsor launches you with their products. As you build a team your team is able to help so many more people than you alone and you all do it together! Arbonne spoils you (pays for your trips, pays you back for the Global Training Conference in Vegas, gives you lots of free products, just loves on you)!

You might be thinking well all that’s great but it’s only for people at the top level, nope! From the very beginning they offer their consultants gifts!

It really is very similar to any other company out there that is providing a service or product to enhance someone’s life! Arbonne just happened to get it right with their multiple safe product lines!…”

Molly describes this profession so succinctly. My Arbonne business allows me to help others looking for feasible ways to make healthier and more informed decisions about what they put on their skin and in their bodies. I believe wholeheartedly that being aware of these ingredients can greatly impact our overall health and happiness. The plus side is there is an awesome business opportunity for those who also want to share with others and help them redirect their spending on products they would use anyway.

Last month at GTC (Arbonne’s Global Training Conference), I met so many people who, just because they said yes to Arbonne, are places in their lives now where they can be more, do more and give more than ever thought possible. Ignorance is fading and people are realizing this business model can unlock so many doors of possibilities. And not just for a select group of people. This business is for everyone no matter your socioeconomic status or education level. It is possible to make a corporate CEO income without sacrificing your sanity and time with loved ones. And for the creative minds, a network marketing career allows you time to hone your craft and not starve at the same time.
I can still do the things I enjoy in work such as grow my small publishing company, write and be part of a team that produces a local monthly magazine. My heart is fuller as I stretch myself, grow as a leader and reach out to help others. My worry over making ends meet and securing a future for myself fades as I keep growing and serving others.
Go ahead and open a new door, explore a little and you might be surprised at what you’ll find – things you once thought impossible now totally possible.

It’s live: living in the moment

2f2990c3f9bb359010ba2caf95fab3c2 The alarm went off at 5:05 a.m. “Hot yoga or more time in my warm, cozy bed?” That was the question at this early hour. I didn’t get to bed as early as I had planned. Who am I kidding, I never do. At least it was before midnight. After the alarm’s sound and a couple of snooze hits, I tossed and thought about skipping my morning mat time with the rest of the early bird yogis at Barefoot Studio. “Nah, get up. You won’t regret it. Come on!,” said my inner voice.

I’m glad I went, of course. Nothing like a good sweat and power flow to start the day as the sun rises. Instructor Marcus always prefaces the class with how the music might tie in to the practice. Today it was all live music. Whenever your mind starts wandering, imagine you’re at whatever live show is playing, he said. Get lost in that moment like you would at a show as the band ignites whistles, applause and “woohoos” among the crowd.

We get so busy living in our heads and wherever our bouncy thoughts take us. We obsess over the past, how we might have done things differently, or jump ahead to the future and how much we want something not yet attained. We forget about the present moment. I was reminded today to enjoy the very moment I’m breathing and honor all the moments that led me here to the now.

It’s a new day, a new month. Lots of moments to live. Enjoy.

Believing is seeing: how Arbonne changes lives

I’m not a particularly peppy person. That didn’t matter.

I don’t particularly like being in a crowd. That didn’t matter.

I tend to wear my emotions on my sleeve yet sometimes have a hard time expressing when I feel an overwhelming sensation of happiness or sadness. I had no problem freely letting my smiles shine and my tears flow.

The scenarios I describe above happened at the Arbonne Global Training Conference (referred to as GTC) in Las Vegas. Last week at this time, I was tired and probably sleeping on the plane ride home from Vegas after four days in the city that never sleeps. We had late nights followed by early mornings. My feet hurt. I never felt fully rested. I wouldn’t change it for anything. Having my always reliable Arbonne supplements – energy fizz sticks, digestion plus & immunity booster – made the packed days more doable. And that de-puffing eye-cooling gel – thank the skincare and scientist gurus at Arbonne for that!

I came back a more proud, more confident Arbonne Independent Consultant. This company is top-notch, friends. I’ve never been around a more professional, genuine, transparent, honest, do-the-right-thing corporation. Since making one of the best business decision of my life a year ago by becoming an independent consultant, I’ve listened to recorded calls and trainings from professional and open-minded women and men in the business who have made a hugely successful career out of Arbonne. I came to GTC expecting to see more of this professional culture. I didn’t expect to be blown away.


Being among nearly 18,000 fellow Arbonneites (as I like to say) from around the globe – the UK, Canada, Australia, Poland and launching in Taiwan soon — was electrifying. We believe in the vision that Arbonne founder Petter Morck established 35 years ago. His pure transformation mission lives on today. Pure transformation can mean different things to different people, but I love this description: “Body, mind, spirit, friendship, community, earth. Wherever you decide to start, one change leads to another … and then another. Over time, many little changes can equal one total transformation.”

For me, this transformation started with body. I fell in love with Arbonne’s vegan nutrition supplements when I accepted the healthy living challenge last year. That physical transformation soon began to transform my mind and spirit, and I gained new & inspiring friendships. I now am part of this community of like-minded women and men. We’re caring for each other and the earth. We’re lifting each other up, and as we help each other grow and flourish, we individually grow. It’s a beautiful thing. I love that Arbonne means “beautiful tree.” That image is so symbolic of what happens when you see and experience the Arbonne advantage.


This photo pretty much sums up what I’m saying. Breezy, my yoga instructor, re-introduced me to Arbonne. Together, we’re growing together. And just like when we take tree pose in yoga, we sway, we fall down, we lose our balance. But we get back up because we can and we know the journey is so worth it.


Sharing healthy happiness 

I’m sharing this post from my new (old, but new to me) bedroom in my new place. Finally, I’m feeling settled. This past weekend I finished the room I will use as a home office. This room is where I will write more. That’s the plan anyway!

I started the Arbonne 28-day clean eating challenge again on Monday. No wine for me ;) Looking forward to getting more on track. Goodness knows I need the energy!

I’m feeling inspired tonight after my monthly Discover Arbonne meeting with my team and fellow health trail blazers. I enjoyed the opening discussion so very much from a breast cancer survivor. She jokingly said she might have given herself cancer because of all the chemically filled products she used all her life – a former product whore, she called herself. After she survived cancer and cancer treatments, she was talking to her oncologist about how to feel more energetic. After all, what good was beating cancer if she felt bad all the time? Her doctor, I proudly write, recommended Arbonne. Now, she’s using pure, safe & beneficial products and helping other people. Soon, she is hosting an event and all her proceeds from Arbonne sales will go to this fund that helps women get to the bigger city so they can undergo their needed cancer treatments. Women who otherwise might not have the means.

I love being surrounded by amazing people. We’re being authentic together, lifting each other up and helping others feel and look good.

I’ve always felt I was meant for something greater in life. Something by which to express myself, my passions, my dreams without getting shutout or put down. This, my friends, is it.


Hello, 2015!


This year started off sprint speed for me. After coming back to work from the holiday break, a co-worker who’s been at the magazine as long as I have announced she’s moving to Florida for her husband’s work. I’m moving out of my grandparents’ home – the home that’s been in our family for more than 60 years. I moved in four and a half years ago after my divorce. It’s well over time to let go and sell the house. I’m in the midst of publishing two books with my small publishing company, and I just had my best month yet with my Arbonne business!

Whew. I’m tired but feeling more alive than ever! I’ve declared this year the Year of Change. It’s also been a remarkable year so far for personal growth. I’m practicing writing down affirmations and goals. It’s amazing the difference writing things down can make. My goals came true. And I actually exceeded one goal. Put them down on an index card, tape them around your house and watch the magic unfold.

At our Arbonne monthly team meeting this week there was lots of celebrating and recognition going on. I love being around this culture of honoring each other’s successes. A fellow consultant and district manager closed the meeting with kind words for everyone and how each motivates her. In pointing out how we each bring something different to the table with our unique talents, she specifically mentioned me and how my writing inspires her. Sometimes I write on this thing and wonder if anyone pays attention. My heart lit up when she told me that. “To change the world, start with one step” … or maybe in my case, one blog.

This weekend is moving weekend. I look forward to writing more once the dust settles. In the meantime, cheers to doing whatever makes you thrive!

A doable detox for a new you


This 28-day challenge changed my life forever. Lots of people say, “Oh, I can’t give up that for 28 days.” Sure they can. It’s just 28 days. Twenty-eight days in all the days of your life. I learned what foods work for me, what foods I’m better off if I avoid, and best of all, I gained confidence in the kitchen – a confidence I used to only dream about.

Bootcamps are happening now. There’s no starvation or deprivation. Just delicious recipes, support and accountability as you discover a new way of looking at food and you. :)