Spiking the sport with a punch

I’m a  sucker for a cute, clever saying. You’d think I’d have an easier time coming up with headlines for stories I write for work. I appreciate a good saying, I’m just not the best at creating one. The sport of running is filled with punchlines that provide much-needed humor to an often tiring hobby and profession.

We had the saying thing down with our matching shirts that read: "Running divas."

My first major race was the 2008 Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon in Phoenix. I had been training for months before the January event, but I hadn’t really taken note of the running culture until going to the Expo with bestie Beth two days before the big day. Punchy sayings were everywhere! So this is where our motivation comes from, or at least some of it, I remember thinking to myself. I was drawn to the fun quotes and immediately spotted a shirt that read: “In my dreams, I’m a Kenyan.” After celebrating the winners of that marathon and races thereafter, I came to understand the meaning behind that saying. I’m now the owner of said shirt. And enjoyed meeting these awesome winning runners (pictured below) at the 2009 Little Rock Marathon.

At that marathon, Beth flew to my town and we competed together with matching shirts that read: “Will run for chocolate.” We received funny feedback and motivational cheering from bystanders along the 13.1-mile course. Last year, I ran the Little Rock Half Marathon solo. As is tradition now, I enjoyed perusing all of the Expo booths after checking in and obtaining my race number. I added another saying to my collection, only this time it was plastered across a pouch belt in which I would carry my phone and energy bars. I hadn’t trained as religiously as I would have liked for that race, so I thought the saying was appropriate to my situation. Thankfully, my prayer was answered and I wasn’t last to finish 🙂

I read a post by Runner’s World Magazine today about doing a running streak during the holidays where you run every day, no matter the distance. Their saying: “Will run for cookies.” How fitting! Whatever motivates you, just run with it!


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