Doing 12 miles

I’m proud to say I completed my 12 miles this weekend. I missed the journey last weekend because of a scheduling conflict on Saturday, which wasn’t a problem until I realized the heavy downpour forecasted for Sunday (Sundays are usually carved out for my long runs). And oh my, did we have a downpour last Sunday. I attempted 12 miles in the rain, but 6.5 is all I could handle. See.

I managed to follow my training schedule during the week, all the while trying to psych myself up for this weekend’s big run.

It was a beautiful winter day. Cold, indeed, but running in chilly temps is so doable when the sun is shining bright overhead. I started at the Clinton Library, ran six miles through downtown North Little Rock, along the Arkansas River and then back. Here’s what caught my eye along the way.What a neat mural, which is new, or at least new to me. I used to run this patch of Burns Park all the time but haven’t in months. I love the runner girl and butterfly. The butterfly is becoming a recurring symbol in my life.

This wood bridge is the entrance to my old running grounds in Burns Park. It was nice to get back to this old path. I’ve pondered many things and come to important conclusions on this trail.

This statue sits at the entrance to the new pedestrian bridge on the North Little Rock side. The bridge connects Little Rock and North Little Rock at the Clinton Presidential Center.

The Arkansas River was so still and serene. I always love running alongside it with the Little Rock skyline.

View from the center of the new pedestrian bridge.

Clinton Presidential Center. And I’ll leave you with a beacon of peace and hope.

Next weekend my marathon training schedule calls for 14 miles! That’s a big milestone, folks. The longest distance I’ve ever gone is 13.1 miles. Until then …

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