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Remember when I said finding time to balance life this time of year can be hard? Well, this week was a prime example of that. I found myself at holiday parties and fulfilling other commitments while still etching in my marathon training when I could. I’m happy to report that one of those parties sent me home with these much-needed running items.All things to help keep me warm on my chilly runs. I’m also pleased to now own some light clips to help save me from getting hit by a car when I find myself in the dark during a late afternoon or evening run. Which brings me to a point I’ve been thinking about lately.

Drivers of vehicles have seemed very irritated with the likes of me and other runners/walkers. I’ve received dirty looks, shaking heads and been the brunt of a hurried driver who is visibly annoyed he or she has to slow down or stop to make way for me. I can’t speak for everyone, but I try very hard to be courteous when I see a vehicle coming my way. I scoot as far over as I possibly can without tripping over the curb or grass. I keep my music low enough so I can still hear oncoming cars and my surroundings. And when I’m approaching a stop sign or light, I always stop and let cars go first. We all seem more rushed and irritable this time of year. But that’s still no excuse to be rude. We all share the roads, no matter the means with which we use to travel them.

OK, now I’ll get off my soap box! In other news, I’m still enjoying the inspiring posts my favorite local running store is putting on their Facebook page. Go! Running can make anything about running, even Christmas. Leading up to the holiday, they are posting 12 Days of Running Heroes (like the 12 Days of Christmas, get it?;)) I’ll just go ahead and copy their post today and leave you with it. Happy running and happy everything!

They pegged this guy, Nicholas Norfolk, as the MOTIVATOR. Last year, he was new to running. He jumped in with both feet and a lot of heart. He ran and he ran. And he raced, starting with the BDB twilight 5k, followed by ½ marathon, marathon, and this last week a 50k. While he was doing this, he was devoting just as much time to others, to get them into running and staying in running, as he did for himself. He didn’t just talk. He set the example: ran and raced with them, sent them little motivating gifts and messages, and invested much of his time in so many people. Truly, runners all across the country are enjoying fitter, healthier lives thanks in no small part to Nick. “A good day is when I get to run. A great day is when I inspire others to run.” That sums up Nick’s mission. Special congrats to Nick today, as this will be his 50th race this year! WOW.


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