Peace. Pass it on.

Christmas with my mom’s side of the family has dwindled down to the five of us. That includes yours truly, Mom, her man Chris, Aunt Lue and Uncle Harold. We miss the boisterous laughter from Pa-Pa Jay and his zest for all things related to Christmas. Pa-Pa made the holiday special for all of us. Just his very presence made the time more joyous.

He loved Christmas trees and would decorate his (the one I now use) with a different theme every year. During his younger retirement years, he would share his talent at Presbyterian Village, a local nursing home. The staff and residents would look forward to his meticulously decorated trees year after year. Mom carried on his enthusiasm this year by donning a Santa hat that, with a push of a button, sings and dances to “Santa Claus is Coming to Town.” Watching her laugh as the prop performed on her head was priceless.

We had a small gift exchange Christmas Eve, which was different than our usual Christmas morning affair. I really enjoyed it, and didn’t miss the morning rush like I thought I would. First thing Christmas morning, Aunt Lue was headed to the nursing home, where the matriarch of the family lives. I had other family to visit, and Mom had church obligations and a wonderful meal to prepare, so it made sense to cut down on the Christmas day busyness by sharing gifts the night before.

Besides new running gear and a gift card for new running shoes (wahoo!), my favorite gift was a lotion/bath gel set from one of my preferred manufacturers of said products: philosophy. They always have feel-good sayings on the bottles of their smell-good lotions and potions, which, for me, the lover of words, makes the use of them more fun.

Holidays are bittersweet for me these days, and this message sent a wave of peace and grace over me. I hope all of you are having peaceful, joyful holidays filled with love.“peace on earth

philosophy: a peaceful world begins with a peaceful you. discover the peace kept quietly within, cherish it. live it. share it. be the example of peace you want from others. a peaceful, loving soul is infectious; so, turn what’s inward outward, and share your soul with the world. the peace you share will make its way back to you. peace is powerful. pass it on.”


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