Bye Bye, 2011

Thanks to my dear friend who reminds me to laugh at life and enjoy the ride, I had several adventures in 2011 centered on things I love most: music and traveling. My favorite of these brought me to the Gorge in Washington state for a three-day music festival with Dave Matthews Band as the headliner. How could you not fall in love with this place at first sight?It was a wonderful Labor Day weekend filled with my favorite music, good times, and all from the best view. I met some new friends and even squeezed in a run down to the river (and I mean it was a steep downgrade). It was awesome! My only regret is I didn’t have my camera on the run so I can’t show you those running sights.Here’s what an evening show at the Gorge looks like with the the Columbia River and the high desert landscape at its backdrop. Put that on your list of places to experience live music if you haven’t already been. It’s magical. The sunsets aren’t too shabby either. I love sunsets.This adventure and ones like them were treats for me during a tough year recovering from divorce and financial straits. I’m still in the midst of those dealings. I’m thankful for how far I’ve come, though. I’m a stronger, more confident and positive person, despite the days where I want to just pull the sheets back over my head. Those days are becoming fewer and fewer.

Enter running. During the early months of the year, my running schedule started rough, but I still managed to complete the Little Rock Half Marathon. It’s become tradition. This year’s race marked my fourth one. My aunt (pictured above) was there to cheer me on as well as dear friend mentioned above. I’m so proud of my aunt. Since this photo was taken, she has taken up running and will run her first half marathon this coming March, the same time I will take on my first marathon!

As the year wore on, I picked up the pace and am now in full running mode, as you dear blog readers know! I look forward to tackling the Little Rock Marathon in March and whatever else might come my running way in 2012. I was invited this week to participate in a 5K at the end of February. I served on the committee for the inaugural race in 2009. I also happened to win that race in the female category … the only race in which I’ve ever come in first! If I place, I always place third. Not that I’m complaining, just observing 😉 Anyhow, I look forward to running the Beat Goes On 5K and catching up with some familiar faces!

I have no idea what else will happen in 2012. I have some goals, no doubt, but we can only do our best, right? The other stuff is just noise. I’m simply hoping that the noise is more merry than not and that I continue growing as an independent woman in this crazy world. Thanks to all who love and support me, especially my parents, my brother and all those close to me. I take you for granted NEVER.

Peace. 2012, let’s do this.

2 thoughts on “Bye Bye, 2011

  1. I feel kind of silly but I just have to share this! In the midst of looking up the Active app on my iphone I found an app, Couch to 5K. Started it yesterday. I struggled through the running parts of it; but kept remembering what you said about not having to run fast….and got through it! Am scheduled to do” day 2 “tomorrow.
    What is even greater is, 2 of my girlfriends who live in other places have also started it. All 3 of us are in our early 50’s. Thank you for your honestly in your blog and your encouragement to others!
    Happy New Year!

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