Hello, 2012

Happy New Year!

I can’t believe I’m only eight weeks away from my first marathon! I finally got a new pair of shoes (which was LONG overdue) from my favorite running store, Go! Running. They specially fitted me, and I’m pleased with my purchase. They happen to have stripes in my favorite color (purple) down each side. I promise fashion wasn’t my top priority. It was purely function. The purple stripes are just a perk for this feminine runner. I took them for a test run this morning, and WOW, what a difference shoes can make!

Unfortunately, I’m nursing shin splints (I believe) in my left leg following my 15-miler last week. I took three days off and hit the road today. I’m hoping rest and ice will heal it in no time. I have a feeling my old, worn out shoes (thank you, MP, for they were great shoes while they lasted!) may have contributed to my shin pain. I’m keeping my fingers crossed new shoes will fix that.

On another note, I’m pleased to learn that I have inspired others to take up running. I want to share this adorable sticker I received in my Christmas stocking to remind you that it doesn’t matter how fast you clock miles. All that matters is that you run for your own health and happiness. Simply remember to …

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