Butterfly, go ahead and fly

Since my birthday last September, butterfly images have entered my realm in many forms. From the real-winged creatures to songs about them, the butterfly has caught my attention on several occasions. All have been chance encounters. I was running late to work the morning of my birthday and quickly reversed my car out of my driveway when I realized I left something in the house that I needed for the day’s activities. Back up the driveway I went. That’s when I noticed this: I’ve posted this blue beauty before. I just love it. Easy to see why it caught my eye that rushed morning, its wings gracefully flapping. Seeing this image and taking note of it was meant to be, I believe, because I wouldn’t have noticed the butterfly if I hadn’t been rushed and had to go back into my house. God’s way of telling me to slow down, perhaps?

Months passed and I started seeing more butterfly images, such as the one depicted above in my header photo. I was simply running along to a peaceful, happy pace, jamming to my music when that shadow of a runner chasing the butterfly caught my eye. Of course, I had to stop and take a photo.

Recently, I was running on another path when a song about a butterfly came through my earbuds. Even though your luck won’t always come along, the lyrics encourage you to bust out of your cocoon, dry your wings and fly.

Those lyrics and the commonly accepted symbolic meaning of the butterfly very much relate to my life right now. After 10 years of two separate marriages, I’m on my own now, learning more how to rely on myself to live, prosper and most important, find happiness. I haven’t had the best of luck over the past year and a half, often hitting bumps as I try to climb out of the trouble my marriage left me in. On the flip side, I’ve had some great luck come my way through exciting travels and meaningful relationships. I’ve had the opportunity to break out of my shell and flap my wings. While I don’t have someone to come home to every day, I couldn’t ask for better support from friends and family. I’ve lost some friendships that I once thought would last a lifetime. But I’ve gained ones to take their place. Of those I’ve lost, I’m replacing bitter feelings with gratitude for what our time together taught me about myself.

Encountering these butterfly images is no accident at all. Each time I see one, I’m reminded of how my life has changed, is changing and how I need to casually accept the change just as the butterfly accepts her metamorphosis.


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