Short but sweet

I had dinner tonight with a girlfriend who’s become a great mentor and coach in pretty much every aspect of my life.

Within five minutes of us being together she said, “Might as well shoot for the moon. Even if you fall, you’re still among the stars.”

She shared that inspiring thought after I briefed her on the book project I’m working on. I couldn’t have said it better, friend.

Reach for the moon. Here I go. Good thing I have long arms 😉


3 thoughts on “Short but sweet

  1. Hi Jillian. Don’t feel bad. That happens. I’m a novice marathoner too but I have trained for enough races to know bad days happen. Listening to your body is most important. I caved on a 16-miler a few weeks back but this weekend comfortably ran 8 plus 16 back to back. It’s better to be undertrained than overtrained. Especially if you are having pain. Honor your body and let it heal if it needs to. Good luck! Sounds like our marathons are the same weekend.

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