Doing 12 miles … again

I was supposed to run 18 miles today, according to my handy Hal Higdon training schedule. I only could muster up enough strength to do 12, however. I’m disappointed, but I’m reminded of something positive folks have told me … You can only do what you can today, nothing more, nothing less. Heck, 12 miles is better than no miles, right?

The Little Rock Marathon is a month and a half away, however, and 15 miles is as far as I’ve gone. That’s still 11.2 miles short of 26.2. The good news is I believe I have the endurance for the race. Just gotta work on dealing with achy legs and feet. Mind over matter. Mind over matter.

After 15 miles was checked off my list, I started dealing with shin and knee pain. I listened to all of you experienced marathoners and took it easy this past week. As in I only ran twice: 4 miles on Tuesday and 8 miles Saturday. It was tough stopping myself from slipping on those pretty new running shoes. I’m glad I rested, though. My ailments aren’t bothering nearly as much. Well, I guess I won’t be able to judge that until tomorrow.

Here’s hoping I’m in the clear so that I can get back to the regularly scheduled program. Ha, marathon training is anything but regular, I’m coming to realize, but I’ll keep doing what I can. And hey, there’s always walking if I need to slow down and give my body a rest during the marathon.

26.2 … Yeah, I’ll meet you, no matter how long it takes.


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