Oh, what a beautiful morning

I started my Monday by running a half marathon. Well, ok, minus the .1 but still, 13 miles first thing on a Monday morning is a big accomplishment for this night owl! I strongly dislike waking up early in the morning, especially when it’s still dark out. I was a good girl and made it to bed by 11 last night and put out all my clothes and running wares in an orderly fashion to make the early rising a bit easier to handle.

I would have run this mileage yesterday, but it was a cold, nasty, foggy and wet day, so inside I stayed. This morning was a different world from last night’s stormy conditions. (Sorry to anyone affected by the tornadoes.) I didn’t make it to my starting point at 6 a.m. as planned, but I made it just as the sun was rising over the Arkansas River.A beautiful sight, indeed. The rest of my workout was just as pretty. I saw many deer running, more like hopping, from the water back into the woods. They ran right in front of me, one after another after another. Their white tails upright and fluffy. One even stopped to stare. I wonder what she was thinking. Smart deer to be hanging out in a public park where hunters can’t get them šŸ˜‰ I was surprised I didn’t encounter more runners/cyclists on such a glorious morning — not too cold, not too windy, just right. It was nice having the path all to myself. Today’s run will go down in my book of reasons I love running.

Oh, and I wore new running tights today that made the run even more amazing. I don’t like spending a lot of money on workout clothes. Thanks to a gift card I received for Christmas, I was able to add to my collection. And these tights couldn’t be more perfect — just the right thickness of material, elasticity and vapor wick powers so I didn’t feel like a soaked monkey after the long run. It’s the small things that make a big difference.

Happy Monday šŸ™‚


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