Marathon blues

I’m sad to say I may have to drop out of the marathon I have planned for March 4. Really sad.

I’ve been training hard and had my heart and soul in this since November 1. My left shin pain keeps talking to me. And now the top of my left foot is talking. Amazing how our nerves and tendons are connected. Actually, before the shin pain became noticeable, my left foot occasionally felt stiff with a dull ache. I’ve had a couple of bouts of rest, convinced myself that I was better and have hit the pavement again. This week I’ve only run once (4 miles on Tuesday) and haven’t run since.

Maybe I should cut back to the half marathon, rest until March 4, keep active through yoga and other ways, and embrace the half marathon the best I can.

I wasn’t looking to win or break any records through the full marathon. I’ve run five half marathons and felt it was time to up the ante. I knew (and know) I could do it. I have the determination, the will power, the fitness capacity and the endurance. Early in my running hobby, an experienced marathoner told me getting to the start line is the hardest part. I nodded and went on with my half marathon training. Now I know exactly what she meant. Finishing the race is a breeze compared to the months of training leading up to that “Ready, Set, Go!”

I made the mistake of not springing for new shoes in the beginning of my marathon training three months ago. I had put a lot of miles on those  old shoes, and they were worn out. After running 15 miles in them, the pain set in. I got new shoes a week later and continued on with my training schedule.

I’m not sure what I’m going to do yet. Maybe if I get some more rest, everything will be ok and I can continue to reach my marathon goal. Here’s hoping.


8 thoughts on “Marathon blues

  1. Sorry to hear about the injury; that sucks :(. But rest assured, there will always be plenty of marathons to run…and the most important thing is to listen to your body and take care of it. Keep your chin up!

  2. Oh honey, I’m so sorry! I know u have been working so hard. Maybe u just need to get on a nonsteroidal? Like meloxidan. Probably worth a doctor visit???

  3. Oh no! Say it isn’t so!

    Have you seen a physical therapist? If you can get some input from a PT who either is a runner or works with lots of runners, do. They should be able to tell you what is causing the pain and whether the marathon is still a possibility. I would not put so much emphasis on the shoes. I have found that your body can adapt to running in different kinds of shoes – old or new, more or less support – as long as the running system (i.e., the key parts that enable running – core, hips/butt, legs and feet) is sound. I got injured a week before my marathon in December (ended up not running it) and saw a PT and learned a ton from her. Most notably, she said repetitive stress injuries come from some part of your body failing to play its role in supporting the repetitive activity, or being stressed beyond capacity. To treat the injury with the goal of allowing you to continue the activity, you have to strengthen the part of your body that was missing in action, or too weak to sustain the stress.

    Also try some really mellow, stretching-focused yoga like yin yoga or bikram. Definitely put running on the back burner for at least a week. Good luck!

  4. Thanks for the advice! The good news the pain is subsiding. I haven’t run in a little over a week, which I think has helped. I’ve stayed active by working out on the elliptical and through yoga. A massage therapist, who goes deep to the source, worked on my leg and foot yesterday and I feel so much better! Not trying to get my hopes up, but maybe this will subside and I’ll be ok!

  5. Aww…catching up on some of your posts, this is too bad, I am so sorry to hear. But it is a smart decision so you don’t injure yourself further. Good luck.

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