Silver lining

I probably shouldn’t speak too soon, but I can’t help sharing some good news … or better news at least. I haven’t run in over a week and have kept the impact on my puny leg at a minimum. It’s killing me. I want to hit that pavement so badly, but I’m being good and listening to my body.

Today, the first day in a couple of weeks, I didn’t feel that dull, tugging ache in the lower part of my left shin as soon as my feet hit the floor in the morning. In addition to resting, a massage therapist got a hold of my leg and foot yesterday and did wonders. I was worried I might have a stress fracture, but my mom just went through that boot-wearing, painful ordeal, and she said touching her tender spot was unbearable. She also noted lots of swelling. My left shin is slightly bigger than my right; however, the swelling isn’t significant. I can’t find such a hurt-filled spot as my mom reported, and the massage work was pretty deep, so I think if I had one, I would have jumped off the table. He did touch on some tender locations that made me squirm a bit, but it was nothing out of the ordinary. He said, as he pinched, pulled and grabbed certain spots, “Ooh, this is congested.” Haha. I’ve never heard that word used to describe body parts. It makes sense, though.

The resting period was much needed, I believe. My body is not used to the wear and tear marathon training has put on it. It seems, at this point at least, that the pain and “congestion” can be attributed to that extra stress I’ve been dumping on my body. I’m going to continue light impact workouts this week and attempt to run this weekend. One day at a time … Thank you all for your words of care and encouragement!


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