To run

I’ve been a terrible blogger. Just realized my last post was on Valentine’s Day. Oh my!

My mind has been consumed with work and other projects. Oh, and the Little Rock Marathon, which is THIS Sunday! I haven’t trained as I had hoped. I’ve listened to my body and had to scale it back. Some people think I should throw in my towel and give it up. I’m not properly trained, they say. While others say go for it. These opinions have come from runners and non-runners.

Running the half marathon is not an option. I tried. It’s sold out and not taking anymore entrants. That leaves me with a choice: Go with the full or sit at home. I’m going with the full. I have no expectations. I will run and walk at a leisurely pace. My only goal is to cross the finish line. I will take in the sights … the landscape, other runners and walkers, the music, the fun atmosphere, the cheering bystanders. I’m approaching this adventure as another opportunity to observe something new, make new memories and celebrate the 10th anniversary of what’s become a fine staple in Little Rock.

I appreciate the encouragement and concern from family and friends (and please know that I will look out for my health and not push myself beyond what my body can handle). This may mean I don’t cross the finish line. But ultimately, it’s my decision to make. I may regret my choice. There’s only one way to find out.


8 thoughts on “To run

  1. Interesting … I just received an email from the LR Marathon crew saying if I get to the expo as soon as possible, they’ll see what they can do with switching me down to the half marathon. Maybe I just got my answer after all.

  2. Run Jillian run!!! You go girl!! I’m a firm believer of going big or going home! So put those shoes on and run!! On your mark, get set Go!!!

  3. A radio DJ in Austin, TX ran a marathon last weekend as part of a challenge after boasting that people take marathons and training too seriously. He plays on a soccer league, but otherwise hasn’t “jogged” in awhile. He finished, didn’t stop to walk the entire time, and even did a victory mile (I think his time was well under 5 hours). He was kind of a jerk about it, but he did prove that sheer determination can get you though it.

    Good luck!

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