Celebratin’ 13.1

I spoke too soon. The other day I posted about my resolve to run the Little Rock Marathon on Sunday. I had too much training, money and time invested not to complete (or at least try) my goal. I had emailed the LR Marathon gods last week asking if it would be possible to switch to the half marathon due to my minor injuries with my calf and lower legs. The marathon packet I received in the mail said no changes could be made because all races were sold out. I thought I’d try anyway. A week passed and no response.  Then, just as soon as I hit the publish button on my blog post, I checked my email. Lo and behold in my inbox was a reply from Hobbit, the goddess of all marathon changes.

Her response: Jillian, if you will come to the expo as early as possible, I will do my best to change you to the half marathon. I can not make any guarantees, but I will try.  Hobbit

There was my answer. After declaring I would stick to my 26.2 guns, the universe spoke to me. If she could switch me to the half, that’s the race I would run. If there wasn’t a way to enter the half, I’d stick with the full and a lot more walking. I fought the noon Friday downtown traffic, made my way into the Statehouse Convention Center where the expo was being held and stood in the Marathon Miracles line for about 15 minutes before meeting Hobbit. She was decked out in a sequin tunic and tie-dye leggings, and adorning her crown was a headband with tiny disco balls standing upright.

As I stood in line, I watched as woman after woman approached the various counters to retrieve her marathon race bib and packet. I stood with envy, disappointment and a sad feeling went over me. I was supposed to be one of those women. Hobbit made all the necessary changes and to the half marathon I was entered. I wandered around the expo for a bit before heading back to work. I knew I’d get excited about the half marathon after the initial disappointment of not being able to run the full sunk in. My aunt and uncle’s arrival from Texas helped dissipate the disappointment. It’s Aunt Lue’s first half marathon, so she’s super excited! Like a kid at the carnival …

I took them to the expo today so they could pick up their race packets. Today’s expo trip was much more pleasurable and fun than yesterday’s. Uncle Harold has completed four marathons and this will be his seventh half marathon!  This year marks the 10th anniversary for the Little Rock Marathon! It’s become quite popular, attracting runners, including the elite, from around the world. One reason it’s become so popular is we have the world’s biggest medal. See…

It’s huge, measuring 7.7 inches in diameter! The center, a disco ball matching the Celebrate theme, spins around and around to your heart’s content. And it’s purple! My favorite color. One of these could have been mine, but as a woman at lunch said, “You live here. Go for it next year!” How true is that.

The most exciting part of the expo today was meeting Bart Yasso from Runner’s World Magazine! (I apologize photos are so blurry. Only had my iPhone.)He was nice to listen to my marathon story and told me, “Well, there’s a marathon somewhere every weekend.” True again!

So Little Rock Marathon 2012 wasn’t meant to be for me after all. It’s a blessing I can still run the half marathon. Who knows. Maybe I’ll set a new PR. I’m not counting on it and going in with no expectations. The half marathon medal wasn’t on display, so that will be a nice surprise. Hopefully, a surprise of the purple variety 😉

And when it’s all over, I’ll proudly stamp this on my car.


9 thoughts on “Celebratin’ 13.1

  1. Most of the time, when switching from the 26.2 to 13.1 you don’t have to officially switch. Just collect your packet as normal and on race day follow the 13.1 course. Looking at Little Rock’s course the half and full start in the same area. When you approach the finish line, go towards the 13.1 side and tell the people handing out medals that you only ran 13.1

  2. That’s one big piece of hardware for a half. Nice. Congratulations on the race. I enjoyed the post. I’m currently in the same boat, injured, but unable to switch to a half. My goal race is Boston and I may have to adjust my goal in the next week or two. I’m also a journalist, incidentally. I’ve added your blog to my blogroll. Take a look at mine. If you enjoy the read, please consider doing the same for me and adding yourself as a follower. Thanks.

  3. Hi Jillian,
    Hope you have a wonderul race experience today at the Little Rock half marathon – 2012
    I have a feeling that you will be doing the full in 2013!
    Hope you will go out there today and have fun and come home with a new PR!

    Happy Running !

    Ken & Nell Posmer
    Blue Diamond Athletic Displays, Inc.

    • Thank you so much! That’s what I said yesterday…maybe I’ll be lucky in ’13! It wasn’t my best time, but it was a beautiful fun day, and I enjoyed sharing the milestone with my aunt. She completed her first half marathon!

  4. nice job!! that is so great that you were still able to run, even if not the full, as you had hoped! Do you read Where’s The Beach? She ran that half today too! That medal is pretty awesome.

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