I want to write a longer blog with my impressions of Sunday’s half marathon. Among rest, work and hosting my aunt and uncle, though, I haven’t had the time.
While I have a moment, I’d like to get some advice from all you runners out there on a recovery plan. I don’t wanna push myself too hard, but a girl still needs her exercise. Thoughts?


2 thoughts on “Recovery

  1. Here’s my two cents, for what it’s worth: recovery time = RECOVERY TIME. Honestly, I would recommend taking a few days completely off running. It might feel weird but your body/legs will appreciate you for it. Instead, go for walks….if you’re into cycling or swimming, do that. Basically, if you’re really craving exercise right now, low-impact is good. You really won’t lose that much fitness in those few days, and then you can ease back into your running/regular exercise routine. That way you’ll be doing it because you want to and because you miss it, not because you feel obligated. And again, your body will appreciate it….and will be ready and willing to run many more races 🙂 Hope that helps!

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