Still here

I’m still reflecting and working on a longer blog post about my recent half marathon (was supposed to be my first marathon). I’ve had an off week. Been tired. Still sore from the race and months of training. I went on a walk this morning, which was hard. I wanted so badly to run, even if it was a light jog. But even from walking, I could feel hints of that dull knee, upper leg pain that, in the end, was the determining factor in giving up my marathon goal.

I gladly enjoyed those first two days of rest after the race on Sunday, but by Wednesday, I was missing that runner’s high. I have so many thoughts swirling around. Will I ever be able to run? How long before I can run again? What can I do in the meantime to maintain my fitness level?

Maybe this is just a down week. I am glad it’s Friday and looking forward to some fun activities this weekend. Cheers to that. Happy weekend, all!


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