I’m gaining more endurance every day.

I resist what is and want to run away from things I can’t control. Things I hadn’t planned or imagined for the course of my life.

I get up, flex my smile muscles, turn the music up, go for a run, dig deep to find that fearless girl within. Strength comes with each hurdle.

My life is a beautiful tapestry. The flaws and tears in the complicated weaves make it that much more magnificent.

I’m living my story, my journey. No one can bear it but me. This is true and truth is beauty.



2 thoughts on “Tapestry

  1. Good post. I use a phrase “terrible beauty” to sum up the past 3 yrs for me. I’m too tired, too thin, too busy keeping everyone else happy. But, I’ve learned a lot about myself & my family. Its a comfort knowing when mom passes, I’ll be a stronger ‘me’ for having taken care of her. 🙂

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