To joy

My mom replied to my latest blog entry via email. I should train her to comment on here so others can see her insightful thoughts. But since she hasn’t gone public, I’ll take care of that. Hope you don’t mind, Mom.

She wrote: “I have learned so much this week. There is an identity matrix I want to share with you. You identify a false core belief — such as ‘I don’t belong’ — and then you see how that manifests in your life. I think some of this would hit home with you. It is all how you show up in life. PaPa was a great example in showing up every day in joy.”

How right she is. My late grandfather was the epitome of joy. He was an everyday person doing extraordinary things, always offering the best of himself with the resources he had. No matter the circumstance, he would encourage us to stand tall and live joyously.

Here’s to joy. Cheers!


2 thoughts on “To joy

  1. Love it!! I think we can all be reminded to be more present and express more joy in our every day lives. Thanks for the reminder.

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