Here and now

Another brilliant note from my Mom. I found it inspiring and encouraging. Hope you do, too.

I’ve been worried about some things out of my control, as are most things in life, right? So she asked: “So how does worrying change things? Or does it just make you suffer?” I think we all know the answer. Worrying doesn’t change a damn thing.

Then she said, “You are in between the no longer and the not yet.

When we falter and we forget

the answers we can’t see wait patiently

between the no longer and yet.”

You know what to do, she said. “Know and trust the flow of life and gracefully (as you always do) play your part. Have you never not been able to get up from a spill or know what to do next?” No, I’ve pretty much always been able to get back up.

Here and now

I have all that I need

Here and now, this is where I am meant to be

And somehow tomorrow, I will be OK

As I learn to love here and now

And don’t forget to breathe, deep and long through the nose is best, she reminded me. “These are the worries leaving you and dissolving into the mother that supports you.”

My only hope is that I can make her feel as special as she always makes me feel.


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