Go run

It’s really the best thing for me to do when I feel like other heavy things in my life can’t be lifted.

I was reminded of that today and also that simple blessings are always around me. Had a terrible nigh’s rest last night, which made rising for work this morning a much more difficult feat. Surprisingly, magazines at my work were delivered today rather than tomorrow, as we all thought. I work for a small monthly magazine. We each have our own delivery routes. Given my less-rested state I wasn’t excited at the thought of heavy-lifting in the heat. Rain prevented me from hitting the streets right away, so I enjoyed a late lunch with my mom (her treat).

She left the restaurant before me (I had to make a little visit to the girls’ room). I ran to my car to minimize the amount of water on my silk blouse. After weeks of no rain, I loved walking out of the restaurant to the smell of summer rain. As I reached for my door handle, I saw this flower stuck between my door and handle. Love my mom.

And a gardenia, no less. That’s the most blissful smell of sweet I’ve ever known. It was still raining and late in the day, so I went home (the same area of my delivery route) to catch up on emails. I fell asleep and had a nice hour nap. I woke up to my friend’s call. The main topic of discussion was the book we recently published on Kindle and NOOK. I received the proof from the printer yesterday and just placed an order today for our first batch of books. We’re excited to actually be able to sell real books, you know the ones where pages are turned by the use of your hands and not by the tap of a screen. 😉

This book journey has been a long one. I’m still in awe that what we’ve been preparing for is actually happening. Jerry has been working hard promoting the book on the tour he’s on. I’ve been working hard on my end here at home.

After my nap late this afternoon and talking with Jerry, I headed out for my magazine delivery route. The rain left the temps in the 80 range. What a relief!. The cover this month is about a local running store and its upcoming race that’s also a fundraiser. Go! Running is also on my delivery route, and I as I drove by to make a stop at a nearby restaurant, I noticed Go! Running’s Thursday night run group had just returned. They were standing in the parking lot, enjoying refreshments and conversation after their run. I drove over to deliver their magazines. They were ecstatic! Perfect timing with so many people at the store. I left them with many mags to share and walked away with a smile.

During my route, a beautiful butterfly landed right in front me on the ground. These butterflies keep showing up in my life. Coincidence? I think not. Reminds me of a beautiful song about a Butterfly:

A catipillars dream to fly
So bust out of this old cocoon
And dry your wings off
Go ahead, and fly

Its always such a lonely loom
Its sudden like a broken bone
And your luck wont always come along
So dry your tears away
Go ahead and fly

Dry your tears away
Don’t you, Cry

I came home, put on my running gear and headed out for a nice 3-miler. It’s my way of flying.


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