On the mend

Nothing profound to share tonight. I just wanted to say my stitches were removed today!

The last time I wrote I said I was heading in the following morning to have them removed. I could tell they weren’t ready, so I rescheduled for Wednesday. Tuesday afternoon came, and it still looked iffy. I rescheduled for Friday (not wanting to pay for useless doctor office visits). I figured by the time Friday would come around, even if the stitches weren’t ready to come out, it would probably be good to have the wound checked. Today marked 13 days since the accident, and hence the last time a doctor looked at my heel/ankle.

Good news is my walking stride has improved every day this week, and the doctor was able to remove my eight stitches! And even better, my skin is still holding together 😉

I’m gonna have one heck of an upside-down-smiley-face scar, but there are worse things, no?

Happy weekend, y’all.


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