Taking a moment

You last heard from me from Palm Beach, Florida (see below post). I had a wonderful trip, enjoying great company and music! The road trip back was fun, too. A little slideshow …

The beautiful grounds of The Breakers.

Palm Beach night life … outside Roxy’s where TR3 played!

Dave Matthews Band at Cruzan Amphitheater

Road trippin’ … a stop in Cocoa Beach

Almost home … going over Mighty Mississippi in Memphis.

After Florida, I rode back with Jerry on the bus, as he was headed home for a brief break. August has been focused on his book, “Tales from the Trails of a Rock ‘n’ Roll Bus Driver.” We took advantage of his time home by filling the past few weeks with book signings, events and interviews with local media.

The wave has died down as he prepares to hit the road again. I’m grateful for the success we’ve had and look forward to future book endeavors. I’ll remain busy promoting the book and shipping orders. However, now that the events and appearances have slowed for a while (at least on my end), it’s back to me.

Now that the knee pain, which my marathon training produced earlier this year, has waned in my right leg, I plan to adopt a more regular running schedule. I also want to write more for pleasure and outside of work. With that want in mind, I came home today and started reading through my journals. Maybe I’ll start sharing more from it as I see fit. Today, this portion struck me:

“Maybe I get too caught up in moments. I want them to last or think they mean something deeper. When in fact, it’s just a moment. Nothing more, nothing less.”

Can you relate? Do you have moments, whether they be trips, events or times with people, that you hold on to and want to last longer?


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