Bloggin’ and joggin’

This blog is about running and life, as I was reminded tonight. So get to “bloggin’ and joggin’,” I was told.

Running is still a part of my life, just not as big of a player as it has been in the past. I’m working on getting my mojo back. Up until a few months ago, I had been the lone runner at my places of work. I used to be the only runner in the family. My uncle (by marriage) has surpassed me by many a-marathon! I kinda liked when running set me apart from family, friends and co-workers. But it’s not some obscure hobby, I realize, and I can’t have it all to myself. 😉

In May, track star Jessica had just graduated from the local university and began interning at the magazine. After years of running for a career, at least a school career, she was burnt out. I’m happy for her and her salsa dancing hobby, but her lack of motivation for running did nothing for mine. I’m hoping her running bug will return and she can help me practice speed at the track! Another runner has since joined the team. She’s devoted. Like waking up at 5 a.m. devoted. Many days at work (well, she’s only been working with me for a few weeks), she asks, “Did you run this morning.” I love being able to say, “Yes! Wasnt’ it a beautiful morning?” I’m sad to say there have been more “No, I didn’t make it” mornings than I care to admit.

I need to change that. I’ve still been exercising, but I know I’ll feel more grounded and balanced if I stick to a running schedule again. I hope the morning temps keep getting cooler. That certainly helps the motivation factor. The slight competition I feel to keep up with co-workers and family helps, too. I realized during my first half marathon almost five years ago that I’m a bit competitive when it comes to running. And I’ve even won a few races with that drive. Lookout fall, I picture some race bibs being added to the scrapbook. Watch out, fellow runners, I feel that ambitious runner rising inside of me. 😉


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