Rolling with it

I haven’t had the TV on all day and am enjoying the quiet for a change. All I hear are random house noises and the wind rustling outside. And what a pretty day we’re having in the Natural State today. A storm rolled through last night, leaving us with much-needed cooler temps. I think it’s safe to say we’re all sick of the heat!

I let myself sleep late today after a busy work week. The only mishap thus far this weekend is I locked myself out of the house when I was headed out for coffee. So thankful it wasn’t 100 degrees outside, and equally thankful my nearby family has an extra key!

I just got back from a nice 5-mile run by the Arkansas River. I love not having get up extra early for a run to beat the heat and being able to run whatever time I feel like it in the day!

Storm cleared the way for a beautiful running day.

I’m grateful I didn’t get sick this week. A co-worker has been out sick much of the week, and I felt the dread hitting me on Thursday. Those cold remedy dissolvable tablets really work, I think!

Since my divorce nearly two years ago, I have lived in my grandparent’s old home with a lot of their old things. Some are my style, others are not. I’ve definitely incorporated my own things and put my style stamp on the place, but it still very much resembles their tastes. The house was redecorated in the late 1980s with traditional Williamsburg in mind. The drapes are very well custom made but too thick and patterned for my tastes. Take the multi-colored floral drapes in the living room with unicorns, yes unicorns, at the center of each patterned block.

I’ve wanted to change them out since I moved in. A couple of weeks ago I found some modern, one-color panels on mega sale. I bought them. The following weekend I found some other panels on sale that would go well with the previously bought panels. I need at least four to pull this makeover off. Last night, with some help, I took the drapes down with the intention of making the transformation once and for all. But it didn’t sit well. While Mom and I removed the custom-made drapes, I realized how meticulously crafted they were, and they are in excellent condition for being 20-something years old. We held up the new curtains, realizing their sheerness and the fact that they are too short. The old drapes also provide great insulation over the drafty patio door.

My want for something new and modern was overshadowed by quality and purpose. The unicorn curtains got a nice cleaning (as well as the door frame) and up they went back in their place. I think my Pa-Pa would be proud I put them back up. And after we returned them to their rightful place, I gained a new appreciation for them. May sound funny. But as my aunt said today as she was leaving to go visit my grandmother (the former matriarch of this house), “Learn to love antiquity.” I think she’s onto something.

Now, I really don’t think I’d miss the dizzying-floral patterned wallpaper in the dining room! Another day … 😉 Cheers to the weekend, y’all.


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