It’s hard to believe 11 years has gone by since our nation’s tragedy on September 11, 2001. And yet things have changed so much in my life, in this country, around the world, that it almost seems like longer than 11 years. Last year, I wrote a piece about a local woman who wrote a book about her experience as a 9/11 widow. What an inspiration she is. I’m glad to have met her and for the opportunity to have shared her story. I invite you to read the article at Inviting Arkansas online (the magazine I work for). Here’s the link.

As I reflect on that fateful day, I’ve also been reflecting on some things grappling at my soul and mind as of late. I yearn for authenticity and shared understandings, while I also want to be seen, heard and accepted. What holds me back is fear of disappointing. If I’m authentic, I won’t be accepted, I convince myself. However, over the past year, I’ve been taking care of myself despite my fears. It appears I’m walking my path and not letting possible expectations from others control me, after all. Sometimes you have to give yourself permission to be yourself.

We all have to live our own paths and discover along the way. Life is too short not to be as loving or supportive when someone close to you takes a different path than you would like. I realize my issues pale in comparison to what any 9/11 families and friends have gone through. However, I think they would agree it’s best to follow your journey and not compromise your own happiness to please others.



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