Running into fall

This cooler air with a hint of that crispness unique to fall has lifted my spirits! Cooler weather means you’ll see me outside running more, which also lifts me up. Love it, love it.

Yesterday’s run was going so well that I kept on going straight when I approached my intended turn home. I was feeling “it,” that runner’s high, and I forged forward with it. I’m sure other runners would agree … if you feel good and aren’t fatigued or hurting, why not keep going? I know too well what’s it like to be down from injury, so I’ll take all the good running times I can get!

On another note, is it me or does this month seem to be flying by? I can’t believe the work week is almost over. But that also means the weekend is near and I’ll have more time for some nice longer runs by the river.

All that being said, I’m sleepy and should hit the hay so I can keep up this energy level. With all the turmoil in our world (so sad about the news out of Libya today), I hope you’re finding comfort in whatever makes you happy. One step at a time.


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