Grooving along

November already?

Wow! It’s a busy time for me at work (as the fall months always are), but I’ve managed to have some refreshing and relaxing weekends as I shimmy my way through our busy events calendar. With my new running shoes, pre-purchased yoga classes and new projects in the works, I’ll groove right into my Christmas trip to San Francisco.

My brother has lived there for umpteen years, and I have yet to visit him solo. I’m used to juggling various stops to visit family on Christmas, so I’m looking forward to being in one spot and experiencing the holiday in a different way. In one of the greatest cities, no less!

I have lots to accomplish before then, however. A high priority is pushing book sales for the work I co-published in May. I don’t want this site to be a sales pitch, but check the project out if you’re so inclined. I ship each book with a personal touch and would be happy to send you one (or two, or three!). 😉 is the place you can find more info! We are participating in a holiday open house this weekend at a local shop. I’m looking forward to that!

When I catch a quiet moment, I still enjoy the pretty things I find on Pinterest. A few recent favorites:

Hope you’re enjoying your fall season. My heart goes out to all of those affected by Hurricane Sandy!


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