I tried a new workout method this morning and it was great!

A studio recently opened in my city that offers BarreAmped, zen cycle, hit cycle and yoga. I first learned about the barre thing on here, dear blogging world. I held out hope it would hit my town. And like most popular things, it finally arrived, albeit slowly. I’m not sure what the cycle classes have to offer, but I’m signed up for some and will learn during this seven-day free period (part of the newcomer package).

My yoga instructor encouraged me to join her at the barre class this morning. Just the budge I needed. It was the perfect workout to jump start my day and covered all the basics — strength, cardio, stretch — and then some!

I’m still running, just not as many miles, which means more time for yoga and my new adventures at this new place. As long as I have my two feet, my running shoes will always be there to take me on my running journeys. I’m just making room for some new fitness methods. I think my body, mind and spirit are already thanking me. 🙂

Happy Hump Day!

P.S. Still posting from my phone. Can’t wait to share some fun photos when I get to blogging on my laptop again!


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