Still amped!

It’s been four weeks since I took on a new, exciting and challenging fitness regime. I’m registered for the Little Rock Marathon’s 10K event next weekend, so I’m getting in my miles. But I’ve so enjoyed barre and spin classes at this new fitness boutique in town called ZenSpin Studio!

After my injury-inducing marathon training this time last year, I decided the marathon wasn’t for me this year. I could have signed up for the half marathon, but not feeling too eager to accomplish that feat, I missed the registration deadline. So 10K it is! I’m just happy I’m carrying on my tradition of participating in the Little Rock Marathon. I’ve participated every year since 2008.

Breezy ZenSpinThanks to Breezy (sporting the famous “i ❤ ar” shirts made exclusively by a local Little Rock lady), I got up the nerve to try ZenSpin. Breezy owns Barefoot Studio, where I practice yoga during the week. My life has changed — emotionally, physically, mentally — since I started going there. One evening as I was checking in for a hot yoga class, Breezy was talking about taking some bootcamp barre class at this new place. I explained how I had wanted to try it. She looked at the schedule and there were still some open spots for the following morning (we’re talking early, and I don’t like early mornings). I went on through yoga class, and when I got home, I jumped on ZenSpin’s site to sign up for the morning barre amped bootcamp class, which was less than 12 hours to start time. Early to bed I went.

The was class great, and it was nice having a familiar, smiling face to greet me. The barre and spin classes kick my body in gear in a way running and other forms of exercise cannot. As instructor Camden says, “If it doesn’t challenge you, it can’t change you.” Since that first day, I’ve joined Breezy, and sometimes other fellow yogis, on Monday and Wednesday mornings for our unique hourly doses of cardio and strength.

47823_10151439972213771_1614291096_nThe other day Barefoot Studio posted this inspiring image. How true these words are for me. If it weren’t for my practice at Barefoot, I may not have discovered ZenSpin — just another way for me to show compassion for myself and others through breath, sweat, smiles, grunts and laughs. What a blessing.

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