“Hot as a pepper sprout”

I heard that quote at a recent running event I participated in. It was the Jalapeno Half Marathon (only I did the 5K), and boy was it HOT.

I had been sick with a cold earlier that week and was tired from house projects and a recent road trip. Work had been emotionally draining as well. In short, I just felt like holing up in my house that weekend and turning off the world. But it was my uncle’s 60th birthday celebration, and I love him and wanted to celebrate properly.

I drove in to Dallas late Friday after work, only to catch 5 hours of sleep before it was rise and shine time. My aunt brought me coffee at 5 a.m., and I was very grateful for the kind gesture.

Harold was prepared for the half marathon, and Lue and I were getting psyched for the 5K. Who cared if the outside temp was pushing 100 degrees that day? Ha. We did, but we didn’t let it stop our birthday enthusiasm. Hats, streamers and all.

I went into the race with the expectation of just having fun, taking it easy. My competitive drive pushed into full gear at “GO!” time. I should have known better. I raced my little heart out as I always do. I realized at my first race years ago that I have quite the competitive edge when running and computerized timing devices are involved. It never fails. When I cross a start line with other feet at my side, I give the race all my energy.

There was technical difficulty at the race for the 5K results, so I didn’t know how I placed (although I had a good feeling it was something noteworthy) until a few days after. My chip time was 23:41. Holy running woman! That’s a personal record for me! That’s a 7:38 minute/mile pace, and I placed third in my age division. Kudos to the first- and second-place finishers! I guess heat does my body good. It must be all that hot yoga I’ve been doing. πŸ˜‰

And my uncle deserves a huge shoutout! He placed second in his age division for the half marathon!

Those post-race beers were definitely deserved. For him, at least. πŸ™‚

IMG_4281 IMG_4300


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