My green machine

My recent discovery of the NutriBullet is too good not to share! I’ve been into the whole green smoothie craze since before it seemed THE thing to do. I started drinking the homemade green machines more than five years ago, after my mom suggested I throw some spinach in my morning fruit smoothie.

I’ve always loved greens and vegetables, so I wasn’t opposed to fitting more leafy foods in my diet. I was, however, skeptical at how the good stuff would mix with fruit.

“You don’t even really taste the spinach or greens,” my mom assured. It’s the best way to get those nutrients because no matter how long and hard you chew, you can’t naturally break down the greens enough to get the maximum nutritional benefit, she explained.

I gave it a try and have been a fan ever since. My blender’s performance has been lacking, big time, for a while now. Not wanting to settle on an average blender nor wanting to spend a fortune for my dream one, I have made due with my blender and its rather chunky smoothie results.

Then came Christmas. My sweet mom, having picked up on my smoothie needs, decided to give me the NurtiBullet. It’s amazing. I use the “superfood extractor” every day. It’s quick, non-messy and packs in the nutrients. I call it my “green magic machine.”

It even comes with a handy recipe book filled with tips and tricks on how to extract the superfood concoctions right for you and your needs – from energy-boosting to toxin-cleansing. You can learn the nutritional benefits that each type of fruit, green, nut and seed offers. I’ve been on a quest to learn how natural foods can help alleviate health ailments, such as inflammation, and this book has been a good reference.

photo 1

The process:

1) Fill the cup 50 percent with greens of your choice (my favorites right now are spinach and kale, but I’m ready to try collard greens and Swiss chard).

2) Add a handful each (or about a cup) of your desired fruit. It can be anything you like! I typically use pineapple, blueberries, pear or apple, banana and avocado, and maybe even a few red grapes.

3) Add boosts if you wish, such as coconut oil and chia seeds or flaxseeds for their omega-3 and antioxidant greatness.

5) Fill the cup with water to the “Max” line, which is clearly marked.

6) Attach the blending lid, screw it tightly, turn the cup over, stick it in the grooves and a slight turn with your hand starts the blending process. Blend till you have your desired consistency and turn the opposite direction to turn it off.

photo 2

7) Twist off the cup, turn upright, unscrew the blending lid, attach the handle.

8) and VOILA! you have your green magic on the go!

You can add protein powder of your choice, peanut butter, nuts (another blade is included for milling nuts and seeds) – the possibilities are endless!



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