Rustling leaves

Yes, that’s right. Although, it’s winter, and goodness we’ve had our share of frigid temps and wintry conditions, today I enjoyed the rustling sound of the brown leaves that didn’t fall with their fellow leaves.

I had signed up for the 3 p.m. BarreAmped class today at my nearby fitness boutique, Zenspin. I caught up on some house chores yesterday and never made it outside for my weekend run. Plus it was really windy yesterday, so I wasn’t bothered by missing a run. Today was different. It wasn’t too windy. The sun was beaming. Perfect day for a run, but I wanted to still get in my barre class.

I opted for both. (My legs will be talking to me tomorrow, I can already tell.) I was a little hungry, and I’d need a water bottle. I ran around my ‘hood about 2 miles, stopped at Kroger, which is right across the street from Zenspin, got a Kind protein bar and a big bottle of water. I had about 15 minutes to spare, so I enjoyed still listening to my running music, while I walked around the block munching on my bar.

I got in a few post-running stretches before the class began. Woo! My quads screamed at me, and I sweated even more since my body was good and warm after my little run. The walk home was much slower than when I headed out. I kept my earbuds in my pocket, sipped my water and enjoyed the Sunday afternoon sounds – baseballs being caught in gloves, kids pedaling fast on their bikes, birds chirping and leaves rustling.

Fitness, a little vitamin D and fresh air. A good Sunday afternoon, if you ask me.


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