Do you ever notice sayings, phrases, words frequently spoken by people? Does it ever bother you? Do you ever want to offer options to them. “Hey, instead of saying that ALL THE TIME, maybe try this word or say it like this.” I’m sure I have my common words and sayings as well. If I would write on here more often, maybe we could evaluate and you could offer different ways for me to say this or that 😉

I also have this habit of editing billboards, signs, bumper stickers. Writing and editing is what I do for a living. I think even if I didn’t get paid to write and edit, I’d still do it. I can’t shake it. I digress …

Speaking of habits, I’m excited about an upcoming clean-eating challenge I will start in a week and a half. I like to think I have pretty good eating habits, but I know there’s growth opportunity there. And I look forward to cleaning out whatever crap might be in my body. It’s 28 days of eating non-processed food, no wine, no caffeine (yikes!!!) and lots of learning and support from a mentor and others in the group. I’ve never done anything like this before. I’ve committed to training for various running events and other physical challenges but never anything to do with my eating.

I’m not a fan of diets and try to maintain a healthy outlook about myself and others and not give into unhealthy “ideal” body images that inundate us. I may shed a few pounds (or more importantly, bloat!) with this eating endeavor. But more importantly, I’m looking forward to hopefully getting some digestive issues under control and generally feeling better.

Blogging during this journey I’m sure will help me get through it! Especially, during the initial coffee-withdrawal phase.

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