What? No coffee?

As I mentioned last week, I’m about to embark on a clean eating/detox challenge. I start Monday. I’m really excited about it, and have already learned so much from my support team. I went to Whole Foods the other night for happy hour (not your typical happy hour) to learn about what we’ll be eliminating over the 28 days and how the foods we’re keeping/adding in our diet will help us.

The one thing on the eliminate list that has had me worried is caffeine. Luckily, I’m not addicted to soda and don’t consume caffeine all day. But for years, I’ve had that warm cup of Joe on my lips within 30 minutes of rising out of bed. If I don’t, I get a slow, dull headache that just gets worse by the hour.

I’m experiencing that headache right now. This week, I’ve slowly been weening myself off coffee. One cup is all I’ve allowed myself to drink, and some mornings, I’ve only had half a cup (this is what happens in the 6 a.m. hour as I’m rushing to my workout class). Today, I didn’t brew any. Nada. No coffee for me. Not even a drive through Starbucks. I figure if I start today, it will be better by Monday (fingers crossed) and the 180 I’m about to turn on my diet will come a little less shocking.

I really want a cup of coffee right now. In addition to the headache, I feel foggy, kinda dizzy and nauseous. I’m doing this challenge through Arbonne. I’ve known about and used their all-natural (really, all natural) products (off and on) for about 11 years. I already have my vegan protein powder and other “bootcamp” products I’ll need for the challenge. I busted open the energy fizzy sticks today to replace my coffee fix.

I keep chanting, “Fizzy sticks are my new coffee. Fizzy sticks are my new coffee.” I don’t feel it yet. It’s all a matter of time coupled with positive reinforcement, right? I think that’s right. My brain is a little foggy.


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