A Rudi adventure

During earlier Arbonne cleaning eating/detox challenges of which I wasn’t a part, I took note of the support system that’s established. I would see encouraging and reassuring Facebook posts among bootcampers and was sparked to see for myself what this life-transforming challenge was all about. Before I continue my little story, I want to thank my friend and yoga instructor, Breezy, for introducing me to this Arbonne journey in the first place. She has always been an inspiration and light in my life since I began frequenting Barefoot Studio three years ago. Tonight, I was on the receiving end of the support team that adds to the beauty of this 28-day endeavor.

Alex and I managed to gather most of our week 1 meal ingredients yesterday. There was one item we couldn’t find; however, and today we continued the quest for Rudi’s GF (gluten free) tortillas. We had to have these to go with the chicken fajita fixings we prepared last night. I was doing pretty well energy-wise today until 6 this evening. I was ready for those chicken strips that had been marinating all night and day with the homemade spice concoction and tomato, pepper sauce we made. The protein shakes (mixed with greens, fruit, flax seed and almond butter) were more than satisfying for lunch and dinner, but it was time to sink my teeth into that juicy chicken. In our detox stupor, we were sure we couldn’t have the meal without tortillas. It was called “fajitas” after all, and we all know that means warm and toasty tortillas to go with your meat and veggies.

After calling four Krogers and two more upscale grocers, we were out of luck. At first, some (ok, most) of the store workers on the receiving end would say, “What? Rudi’s what? Gluken?”

“Wow,” I thought. “Little Rock really needs to get more in line with this organic, gluten-free way of living.”

The silver lining in this Rudi absence is apparently there are lots of people on the clean eating quest in Little Rock. Grocery stores, take note and please keep your stores stocked with the closest thing we have to bread.

Frustrated and past the point of gentle hunger, I resorted to posting in the secret group on Facebook for fellow bootcampers to share their finds, discuss doubts and ask questions. I pleaded with my detox peeps to help me solve this dinner dilemma. Not five minutes went by before suggestions started flowing. Then the golden comment lit up my iPhone. “I’m in West Little Rock, if you want to run by and get a couple!”

Alex and I looked at each other, eyebrows raised. We had left the store, hands in the air preparing our minds for fajitas sans tortillas. At that point, I just wanted to get that chicken in the oven! After brief consideration, I messaged this generous stranger, and we decided to drive to her house and finally get our hands on Rudi. We laughed, felt embarrassed and said thank you many many times. I’m confident she wouldn’t have offered us some of her Rudis if she didn’t want to give them up. A small gesture, it may seem, but it meant the world to us.

I’m eager to pay it forward somehow during this journey we’re all on together. How sweet it is. Who says you need sugar to make things sweet? 😉

P.S. The oven baked fajitas were a spicy, saucy, goodness success! Also in my detox stupor, I forgot to take an after photo, but have no fear. I’m certain I’ll be making this delicious dish again!


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