Detox Day 2

After a long day, I’m tired and headed to bed soon. One of the challenging parts of this clean eating/detox program is balancing it with my busy life. I’ve been so consumed with what nutritionally jammed pack shake I will make next or whether I have all the ingredients to prepare dinner that I’ve let other chores go. I’m sure this balance will come more naturally as time marches on. And, I’m sure this plan is easier for seasoned cooks.

Once I take that first sip of a new fruit/protein combination shake or that first bite of a home-cooked meal, I forget about any stress or anxiety I might have felt. This food is so good, y’all. No fillers or artificial flavors. Just good ol’ stuff from Mother Nature. I’m loving it. Some people unfamiliar with this program are surprised to learn I’m eating such delicious sounding meals. I remind them, this is not a diet, it’s learning a new approach to healthy eating and living.

Tonight’s meal: Avocado chicken salad. I boiled a chicken breast, chopped it, and combined it with a mashed avocado mixed with fresh lime juice, garlic powder and homemade mustard. After the chicken was coated with the avocado base (replacing the common recipe that calls for mayonnaise), we mixed in freshly shredded purple cabbage, carrots and radishes. Some sea salt and pepper, and we were set.

The result:


It was fabulous and so filling! I ate mine with sliced cucumbers and a Rudi’s gluten free tortilla (I’m now the proud owner of those darned things!)

I better head to bed for another busy and nutritious day tomorrow.

Happy eating 🙂



2 thoughts on “Detox Day 2

  1. Looks delicious! Good to eat at any time – detox or no detox. Can’t wait to try it myself.
    Will be looking out for some more recipes. Good luck with the rest of our detox.

    • Thank you! Yes, that’s what I love about this clean eating/detox challenge through Arbonne. It’s food you learn to make and will want to keep making and making! A lifestyle change, for sure!

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