Detox Day 9: Protein bar anyone?

I’m filled with gratitude after all the encouraging comments I have received regarding my Week-1 wrap-up blog. Letting it all out and being honest about my experiences with this 28-day clean eating/detox challenge is kinda scary, but in a good way. All I know is I’m feeling happier, more grounded and more confident in my everyday happenings.

I finally had the chance to make homemade protein bars! Detox-friendly, of course.

The ingredients: organic almond butter, brown rice syrup, Arbonne Essentials protein powder, Arbonne Essentials fiber boost and gluten free oats.
So I had a little snafu and didn’t heat the almond butter + syrup before adding in the other ingredients. Needless to say, it made mixing a little tougher. A spoon may or may not have been broken in the process 😉 All was heated and mixed, anyway, then spread over a 9X13 pan. After an hour in the fridge (if you prefer them chewy, just leave them at room temperature for an hour), DONE!

My favorite furry friend, Josie, thought they looked good!

She waited patiently while they were cut into 24 pieces (and earned a bite for her good behavior). They do taste delicious! But oh my they’re dense. Gonna have to enjoy these sparingly. 😉

Happy clean eating!


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