Renewed running


I had planned on yoga this pleasant evening. I opted instead to lace up my running shoes first and then practice a little post-run yoga. The outside temp was a bit chilly, just how I like my runs. I love running through my neighborhood (originally my grandparents’ neighborhood where they raised my mom and aunt) during the spring. Dogwood trees blooming, the scent of freshly cut grass and tulips galore. Usually when I hit the pavement during these post-Daylight Savings days, the streets are quieter. Everyone is tucked away in their homes as I enjoy my run just before the sun fades into the western sky.

This jaunt was my first since beginning the Arbonne 28-day clean eating/detox challenge a week and a half ago. Wow. My energy level was higher than it’s been since my giddy days of running when I was training for my first half-marathon. I could have kept going and going. Over the past six months to a year, I’ve dreaded running. My mind would race with thoughts as I would heavily put one foot in front of the other. It just wasn’t the peaceful outlet that it once was. Something was off. I had been trying to keep a steady running schedule, but it was failing.

As we commemorate the first anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombing, nostalgic memories of this beloved sport have been emerging. My pace is slowly coming back. This is only Week 2 of focusing on my full health, INSIDE and out. I can only imagine where I’ll be at Week 4.



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