Pizza, pizza!

Yes, that’s right. I got to eat pizza. Detox-friendly, of course 😉

I’m not vegan, but this vegan recipe looked mighty tasty and worth a try. The recipe and prep are simple.

You cut about a 9- or 10-inch eggplant into 3/4-inch rounds, place them on a double layer of paper towels and then sprinkle a generous amount of salt on them. You leave them there for about 30 minutes while the salt pulls out the liquid. (Cool!) Then you wipe off the salt, place the rounds on a roasting pan and drizzle them with dried Italian seasoning and olive oil. Like so …



Place ’em in the oven (375 degrees) for about 25 minutes but not so long that they become mushy. Remove the “crust” from the oven, spoon spaghetti sauce (without vinegar or sugar) onto the rounds along with some fresh basil (about 10 leaves) and generous amounts of Daiya (dairy free) mozzarella “cheese.” You broil them in the oven for about 6-7 minutes, and you’ve got yourself some mini-pizza pies!

I was pretty hungry last night, so I forgot to take an after photo. They were cute and tasty. A little too salty, but now I know for next time not to sprinkle so much in the beginning prep phase. That’s one thing I love so much about this 28-day Arbonne clean eating/detox challenge. It’s SO much more than just that. I’m learning more about food, how to prepare it and how to cook it – skills that will last my lifetime!

One thought on “Pizza, pizza!

  1. My goodness – you are inventive. Also you need to wipe the salt off with a damp paper towell. The salt somehow prepares the eggplant (i forget how.)

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