No deprivation for me

“This is not a juice cleanse, nor a food deprived program. No artificial sweeteners. This is a life-changer. A reset button.”

I pulled that quote from Breezy, who introduced me to this 28-day clean eating/detox challenge. She sums up the answer I so often find myself seeking when people look at me surprised after I tell them, “No, I’m still eating on this detox.”

The meal plans are anything BUT depriving. I don’t get that “I’m so hungry I could eat a cow” feeling anymore because the foods I’m putting in my body are so dang satisfying and energizing.

Someone asked me today if I thought I would continue the grocery shopping/cooking lessons I’ve learned. One word: Absolutely! I’m human. I can’t say I never will have a piece of sugar-laden candy or cake again. But the beauty is now I know what it means to eat clean.


The image is a little loud, which typically isn’t my style. 😉 But I really like the quote. I’ve found it’s true. You can try to outrun your diet all you want; however, reality is the majority of your fitness level is based on your diet – what you’re putting in your body to fuel it. I’ve learned that the hard way. Proper nutrition makes all the difference in the world. And what a beautiful difference it’s making in my world – body, mind & soul.


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