Just ask

While stocking up on my weekly supplies at Whole Foods today, I stumbled upon this find.

Alas! Brown mustard made with apple cider vinegar and thus, detox-friendly. I searched for this jar at multiple stores on Week 1 of the clean eating challenge. (Wow! Can’t believe the final week has arrived!) It was needed for that yummy avocado chicken dish. Friend Alex and I tried to make our own mustard in the beginning. We need to work on that task. Have you ever tasted something with a pretty good hunch of what it will taste like? Then you take that first sampling, and WHOA! It’s nothing like your expectation at all. Like thinking you’re about to partake of a sweet strawberry only to discover tart cranberry.

Speaking of cranberries, today I was looking for unsweetened dried cranberries. I only found them with sugar added. Sugar is no bueno on the detox, so I asked a Whole Foods employee where I might find what I needed. She stopped what she was doing and took me to the nut/dried fruit section. She showed me some dried cranberries sweetened with apple juice and said she’d give them to me on the house since they didn’t have exactly what I wanted. She then took my name and number and said she’d put in a request to order the unsweetened variety.

I’m thinking the same thing might have happened with the mustard. Now that’s some superb customer service. And I’m pretty certain I’ll be back 🙂


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