Now that I’ve got this planning for dinner/cooking thing down (well, at least better than I did a month ago 😉 ), I am getting back to my regular yoga/exercise schedule.

I hadn’t been to From the Ground Up – a Tuesday night workshop-style class that focus on arm balances and inversions – since before the Arbonne 28-day cleaning/detox challenge. Busy work schedule + giving more thought to my dinners than ever resulted in some sacrifices.

I was debating run or yoga this evening. I had hoped to do both, but ran out of time – no pun intended.

I had one of those AHA! moments in yoga and am glad I opted for the mat instead of the pavement. The west studio is so peaceful. Located just a little way outside the city hustle surrounded by horses and fields, it’s a nice retreat from everyday life.


David, the instructor, asked us what we wanted to work on. Someone said crow pose. I was thinking the same thing and eagerly nodded. I also suggested hurdler’s pose. Looks something like this:


We warmed up our wrists with some stretching/rolling/bending exercises, then our core and our legs. We worked on crow probably about 15 times, each at our own pace. The neat thing about this class is unlike a vinyasa class where you keep moving and then maybe lead up to an arm balance toward the end, this class nearly spends the entire hour on the chosen pose. After holding crow longer than I ever have (yay!), David talked us through the steps toward hurdler’s pose.

I felt fearful and embarrassed for even bringing it up, worried that I’d fall on my face. All day I’ve kept at heart a photo Breezy (yoga studio owner and Arbonne leader) tagged me in earlier in the day.


Do something every day that scares you. This was it. I pointed my toes to help strengthen my legs and booty as much as possible, kept my shoulders closed, my elbows in like you would in chataranga, my tummy muscles tight – all while breathing! After a few, okay maybe six, tries, I was suspended in the air! “Way to go, champ,” is what I heard on my second successful try, which was on the OTHER side. Sometimes I’m able to get into a pose on one side but not so much on the other. Bodies are funny like that. Tonight I was balanced, strong and ready. Ready to face my fear of looking funny, falling or failing. The beauty of yoga is you never fail. You do what you do in that given moment. Nothing more, nothing less. The important thing is “whatever you did, you did it,” as Breezy always says.

Next time, I’ll have to catch this pose on camera for proof.

Namaste 🙂


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