On Monday, some women in my life, including my mom, started the Arbonne 28-day clean eating/detox challenge. I am thrilled they took the plunge and are trying it! Oh, and one man – my mom’s partner in life, Chris! Can’t forget him. Despite some headaches from lack of sugar (and artificial sweeteners) & caffeine, taste adjustments (the herbal tea really is delicious!) and balancing the diet changes while traveling, it’s been an overall good experience for all.

I’m loving the daily text messages I receive from them. One “bootcamper” has apologized for bugging me so much. No need to apologize. Helping her figure out how to make her morning shake or what kind of fruit to get at the store further helps me learn and solidifies my passion for inspiring others.

Some favorite feedback thus far:

“I fear I’ve replaced my coffee addiction for a fizz stick one.” Not a bad thing, folks 😉

“Day #3 and still no cheating. I get major props for saying no to trays and trays of sweets. I’m totally looking at food differently now. I really don’t want all those sugar-packed things because I know they’re not good for me!”  Yes, you do deserve mucho props!

“Alert the media! I’m not hungry and I feel great. I feel really empowered that I CAN make good choices (because I really didn’t think I could!).” Ain’t it the best feeling? 


“I love the detox tea!” Me too! It’s my warm comfort when I wake up and my night cap when I’m relaxing before bed.

Next start for the challenge is May 19. Can’t wait for more inspiration! In the meantime, gotta run so I can feed the fam tonight! (My brother is in town from California for several weeks to remodel Mom’s kitchen. Exciting!)


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