Road trippin’

It’s been two weeks since I completed the 28-day detox/clean eating challenge. And guess what? I’m still eating clean, making my yummy protein shakes packed with greens & fruit and pretty much sticking to the plan. I’ve had a few adult beverages but am finding I am completely satisfied with one drink, whereas before I would want three to four glasses.

With all the positive health benefits and energy gained during those 28 days, I have no desire to go back to the way I was feeling before.

I had heard this a life-changer before I accepted the challenge. Now I get it. A friend who at first said, “No way! I don’t cook. I can’t do something like this,” called me the other morning to thank me. She had spent four hours the evening prior grocery shopping and preparing food & snacks. And she was happy to do it! Her kids even are taking note and now want to have what she’s having. She has more energy for her workouts, isn’t as groggy in the morning and is taking on the morning rush with a better attitude. It’s such a great feeling seeing other people’s happiness take off.

Yesterday I embarked on a road trip. Not far from home but still far enough that I needed and wanted to pack some of my nutritional supplies. First of all, it’s been a long time since I went on a trip just for me.


See how happy I am? 🙂


I packed up my protein shake mix, homemade protein bars (with almond butter, brown rice syrup & oats … so good!), energy fizzies (my go-to pick-me-up), herbal tea, digestion plus, the little packet that helps keep my gut in a blissful state + some other healthy snacks.

My destination has a Nutri-bullet and greens & fruit for my shakes. Driving rather than flying does make this easier. We’ll see how I do next time I fly. Anything’s doable, right? Why not? Gotta keep on thriving!


For dinner last night at this delicious seafood restaurant, I ordered a fancy water with lime in a wine glass. Still appreciate & enjoy wine, but sometimes a fancy water is all you need. 🙂


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