A few of my faves

Since setting out on this clean eating path, I’ve tried lots of new things and expanded my culinary horizon. Some things I’ve loved and some things I haven’t been so crazy about. Like blanching Swiss chard to then roll them with a brown rice/veggie mixture. The whole process was awkward and time consuming.

Ah, maybe I should try again. I do like Swiss chard, but for now they will find a home in my green smoothies.

I’ve become smitten with these items that are now my kitchen staples:


Coconut oil. I bought a jar last year but never committed to seeking out ways to use it. It went bad. My bad. Now, I use the tropical butter for toast, scrambling eggs, cooking and adding flair (and healthy fat) to my morning smoothies. AND did you know by cooking with coconut oil, you’re helping to moisturize your skin from the inside-out, boost metabolism and increase energy?

021 raw pepitas

Pumpkin seeds. I just thought these were things you roasted once a year after carving your Halloween pumpkin. My friends, these are my new go-to nuts for snacking, salads, side dishes or pretty much anything. They are deliciously crunchy. AND they’re loaded with B vitamins and collagen-repairing vitamin C. Score one for beauty!

133 flax seed

Flaxseeds. These tiny seeds (you can buy them whole, but I like ’em grounded) are an easy way to add incredible benefits to your diet. They contain fiber, omega-3 fatty acids & lignans – a cancer-fighting agent for men & women. And since they’re so tiny you can add them to anything! I like putting flax in my smoothies, salads, rice, homemade protein bars – you name it!


Brown rice syrup. This gooey goodness is better than sugar & honey. Yes, I know, honey can be good for you, but brown rice syrup is a bit lower on the glycemic index. So if you’re trying to watch your sugar intake, it can be a better option. And it’s really, really tasty! My tummy’s growling just thinking about it. You can bake with it, pour it over breakfast food or even add it to your tea. About every two weeks or so, I make a batch of homemade protein bars using this sweet stuff. Mixed with my pea-plant protein mix, almond butter and rolled oats … BAM, I have some tasty + nutritious snacks at the ready!

Happy eating!

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