Every morning (or late morning like today 😉 ) I wake up and brew a cup of green tea. Since completing the 28-day clean eating challenge, I’ve been enjoying the Arbonne herbal detox tea in the evenings rather than morning & night and starting my day with the Yogi Tea green blend. I like the inspirational quotes attached to the herbal good stuff.


Sometimes it’s these little things in life that turn out to have such meaning for us. Our lives aren’t instantly transformed through quotes we read, prayers or devotionals, but their cumulative effects over time can help us embrace rather than resist challenge and change – the inevitable things in life.

These sayings and ideas have helped me embrace new opportunities and deal with doubts as I take on a healthier lifestyle. Not only am I trying to pay more attention to my health, I’m also striving to inspire and be a leader for others. Doubts can cloud our minds and souls, and I’ve struggled with those impending thoughts this week. Just when my mind becomes too foggy with doubts, I see or hear something that reminds me why I’m doing what I’m doing and the view is clear again.

I was sad to hear of Maya Angelou’s passing this week. Like so many others, I have sought out her beautiful prose & poetry for advice, inspiration and comfort.

I love this advice she gives in the “note to self” that was shared on CBS This Morning the other day:

“The person may have keener eyesight, a better ear, the person might have a more live body and can dance, but the person cannot be more human than you.That is very important because that ensures you that you are a human being and nothing human can be alien to you. You will be able to go around the world, learning languages, speaking to everybody, because no one can be more human than you or be less human. They can be meaner or crueler, or sweeter or prettier, younger, richer, but they can’t be more human than you. Remember that.”



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