Artist’s Way

I have so many things running through me right now. Ideally, I’d be in bed right now, but I feel compelled to write. I’m feeling the need to connect here, this public forum that has been right by my side for marathon training, on regular days, holidays and most recently on this clean eating journey I started nearly two months ago. Wow, I can’t believe it’s already been two months.

What has changed? So much. Aside from having more energy, clarity and a feeling-good body, I can actually now say with confidence that I’m a cook. That’s right. I can plan, shop and cook some pretty darn good meals. They may not be the prettiest. I’ll keep practicing my presentation skills. As with anything in life, you just keep practicing. Not until you’re perfect. I’ve never liked the saying: “Practice makes perfect.” Everything, every creature is imperfect in its own perfect way. No one can be you or do it like you. It’s your practice. Your journey. Your dance.

The Dance by Artist Andrea

The Dance by Artist Andrea

Call it the Artist’s Way. I’m about to delve into that book, which supports and nurtures the artist in each of us. Writer, photographer, painter, musician or even cook – I believe we all have a creative spirit inside itching to show itself. This blog and my recently adopted eating/cooking habits have taken me out of my comfort zone, and new doors are opening. I had no idea how much the artistic spirit inside me needed to get out.

Ideas are flowing, and I’m practicing the art of letting go – letting go of expectations, phrases like “I need to … ” “I should be …” “I wish …” and my proclivity to make excuses for things that happen in my life. Being honest and taking responsibility for my past, present and whatever may come – I think that’s the path for me.


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