My yoga moment

A few weeks ago, YogaGlo – an online yoga service for at-home practice – asked for stories sharing “aha” yoga moments. The Facebook call to action also said you could mention your yoga studio and they would share that link as well. I love my hometown yoga studio and thought, “why not?” Maybe inspire someone and give some love to Barefoot Studio – a win-win.

I submitted my story and had forgotten about it until this morning. I get notifications from YogaGlo when they update on Facebook. I liked the quote on the photo they shared: “The beauty of yoga is you never fail. You do what you can in that given moment. Nothing more, nothing less.” Then I realized that was my quote! They shared my lil story. (They did misspell my last name, but oh well.)

I was having a bad morning. This added some spring back in my step. Only, I’m strapped to my computer pretty much all day, so I’ll have to get springy and do some celebratory yoga later 🙂

One thought on “My yoga moment

  1. Just randomly breakout in a warrior pose all day long when people are talking to u. That would make me laugh.

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