Health & wellness, what I love

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I was reminded today that you can’t run from what pulls you, what you’re passionate about. You can try, and maybe you’re not even consciously running from it, but for some reason, doubt sets in and you feel distant from that passion.

One of my biggest passions is my health & wellness business I discovered back in the spring when I was doing the Arbonne 28-day clean eating challenge. I had a beautiful Arbonne launch party last month. My whole life, it seems, has led me to this point as I’ve found myself leaning toward a more natural, less materialistic way of living. When I see an article about making homemade non-toxic sunscreen or the potential harmful effects of genetically modified foods, I can’t help but stop and read them. This habit doesn’t make me popular in many circles. I hear the sighs and see the eye-rolls. I often get caught in the self-doubt tunnel. But the urge to pursue my interests and learn more always returns. I can’t always eat organic and non-GMO foods. I’m exposed to toxins. I’m human. But I can choose what I put in and on my body. Knowledge is power. And that’s why I keep reading and learning about these things.

Last weekend, I came upon a recipe – grain-free, dairy & sugar free banana pancakes. Two simple ingredients: eggs and a banana.

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The process was simple. Blend the two eggs and one banana in my NutriBullet, spread coconut oil in the pan and make your cakes. They didn’t turn out pretty or perfect – so much so that I couldn’t even take an after-photo. 😉 But they tasted good. Before the clean-eating challenge, I would have seen this recipe, maybe tabbed it for later, but that later would never come. Now, I see a recipe and I give it a go. Like these pancakes, the recipes usually turn out far from picture-perfect. It’s the simple steps of accomplishment and trying something new and different that keep me coming back for more.

That clean-eating challenge was so much more than physically life-changing for me. It gave me a renewed confidence and opened the door to a business so I can share health & wellness – my passion – with others.


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